The Universal Report Designer Module takes on the tasks of automating the forming and receiving any kind of report by an end user.
The Module functionality allows you to quickly and conveniently create the necessary screen and print forms of data output, specify filters and information sorting, include data obtained from mathematical, bar and logical functions in reports, integrate data from third-party databases and systems, and form charts and graphs.
The module comprises process modelling functions (visual representation to show the logic and the sequence of steps) and process implementation functions (launching an actual business process in the electronic form).
Digital Business Logic Architect is a software designed to build business process diagrams and algorithms. It allows to set various parameters and functions.
With the requests volume increase, the load on the specialists responsible for notifying each interested specialist increases as well. Sending notifications in manual mode takes a lot of time. To optimise the notification process, a Notification Builder has been developed to automate the preparation and sending of notifications. This constructor allows you to create and send notifications in an automated mode.
The flow of requests between specialists in a developing organization is steadily increasing.
Communication software is not just for personal purposes. Every year, they are increasingly being used to solve business problems.
It can be easily explained. Communicating and recording agreements in the Company's unified information system is one of the most important ways for staff to communicate. The better the communication of the Company's personnel both inside and between the divisions, the higher the labor productivity and the higher the key production indicators.
The Showcase Module allows to use designers to set the visual representation of information stored by the system.
The designer allows to create responsive and adaptive data showcases for various screen resolutions. Each element of the data showcase can have an adjustable data source. It may depend on the actual value (at a specific moment of time), which one of the set representation forms will be used by the element. The data showcase has a rich tool library. It contains over a hundred preset showcase program elements and a dozen of drawing tools to draw in the space. You can draw lines, geometrical objects, type a static text, etc.